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Being able to freely publish content and the surge of social media channels results in an almost unmanageable amount of work for PR professionals and marketers who don’t have a marketing automation solution in place.

For whose that aren’t familiar with the term, marketing automation is the much need contact management solution (CMS) that makes it possible for both small and large businesses to automate, streamline and evaluate every area of their marketing efforts. Simply put, marketing automation boosts efficiency and helps businesses grow faster and generate a significantly higher income.

The popularity of marketing automation has grown tremendously over the past few years and isn’t just utilized by large corporations any longer. When used correctly, marketing automation is an incredible tool for both small and large businesses. Small businesses with minimal staffing resources can use CMS’s to successfully run sophisticated campaigns and efficiently manage their time. On the flip side, marketing automation also enables larger companies to connect with potential and current clients in a highly personalized way, something large companies often seem to overlook.

With an effective automated marketing system in place, you’ll be able to:

• Nurture, retain and expand customer relationships.
• Establish and improve your marketing’s ROI.
• Strengthen sales positioning throughout your company.
• Personalize automated, multi-channel interactions, making it possible for your business to be relevant in real time.

Interesting Statistics Regarding Marketing Automation

• Businesses that make use of marketing automation to nurture their prospects enjoy a 451% rise in qualified leads.
• According to Gleanster Research, over 80% of top performing companies use or plan on using marketing automation by the end of 2015 and 77% of CMOs working with top performing companies say that the main reason they use marketing automation is to increase revenue.

As you continue along your marketing automation journey, take the time to get to know your target audience and look forward to discovering other strategies, tricks, and tactics in order to persistently improve upon your lead nurturing campaigns and all of the marketing automation processes.