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1. Outstanding Content Powers Campaigns
Yes, we know; you’ve heard it before – Content is King. We only mention it again because, even though this is true, a lot of people ignore the fact that it needs to be outstanding, appealing, engaging content – not just any content. Content needs to be useful, valuable (content that sells), and something that your readers will want to share. Content that isn’t freely accessible or is stagnating on web pages isn’t going to cut it either. Content needs to be unique and well written and it also needs to be exclusively yours whether it’s in the form of e-books, cheat sheets, white papers, etc.

2. Add a Personal Touch
Marketing automation provides an opportunity for a more personalized approach to all your marketing initiatives. Use personalized content to attract your target audience, making it as spot on as possible via webinar and video invites, etc.

3. Test, Test, Test
Any marketing efforts call for persistent testing in order to maximize performance. The same testing comes into play with nurturing leads via marketing automation. Options available for testing are endless and include content, subject lines, landing pages, the number of days you wait between your messages, and even the time of day to send them.

Continual optimization and testing will increase the ROI of your marketing automation.