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Email Marketing in South Africa

We understand why email marketing is important to any business.

Beetge Media is a top-rated email marketing company in South Africa with 10+ years of experience. We understand why email marketing is important to especially small & medium enterprises. It is much easier marketing to an existing customer than having to constantly find new clients. We can also help you communicate via SMS with your customers.

The 5 steps to get started with email marketing!


1. Email List

DO NOT BUY A MAILING LIST! No matter what anybody says, this will sink your credibility, get your business name blacklisted and you will NOT get any results. Make a list of the customer contact points and determine how you can get your client’s email addresses. Even if you have to start from nothing, build your own mailing list.

2. Email System

There are hundreds of email systems available. Most do exactly the same. Shop around to determine which system will suit your budget. There is usually a trial period on most so you can test the user interface to see what you like. We prefer to use MailerLite as it offers a lot of functionality and is very affordable.


3. The Subject Line!

People open emails based on the subject line. You need to consider the following – Keep it short and sweet, Avoid the ‘no-reply’ sender name, Use personalization tokens, Don’t make false promises, Do tell them what’s inside, Use concise language, Make people feel special and DON’T USE ALL CAPS.

4. Email Content

You have approximately 8 seconds of your readers’ attention before they lose interest. Consider these 3 design principles – Don’t go too wide, Make it scannable, and Remember the power of three (headline, body copy, and CTA). Responsive design is also a best practice. Don’t ignore the power of design (colour, font, images etc.).


5. Timing

The time of day you send emails can make or break the relationship with your subscribers. You need to understand YOUR audience. Marketers favour Tuesday and Thursday for sending emails. Regardless of weekdays, most email opens occur between 10am – 12pm, with another peak 5 – 6pm.

Email Marketing

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The benefits of having a successful email marketing campaign can be huge! We call it the “Constant Contact Journey”. It is also one of the least expensive ways of marketing your business, brand and products. Get in touch with us and we will assist you.

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