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There are some social media marketing secrets that every business person should know to keep their audience interested.

Many people are making use of social media to advertise their businesses, leading to many posts in news feeds that are demanding the attention of a potential customer.

To compete in this frenzy, you need to get a post up on the newsfeed and make sure that it stands out from all the rest.

Here are just a few secrets for you to keep in mind when creating posts for social media:

  • Relate-able content that appeals to your audience – If people can relate to your content and it appeals to them; they are more likely to pay attention to your post.
  • Niche content made for specific audiences – Make your customers feel special. Create content that only appeals to them.
  • Videos optimized for Facebook and mobile viewers – When uploading videos make sure they can be watched on mobile phones without any problems. The length of the video is important. The shorter the video the better.
  • Run targeted promotions – When running promotions on your social media pages, especially Facebook, make sure to aim them at a specific audience.
  • Create a documented and intentional content plan – Your content needs to be planned and well thought out. Posting unnecessary things will turn people away from your social media pages.

The better you know your audience the more effective your social media marketing will be. Focus on connecting with the people on the other side of the computer or mobile phone.