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PPC Consultancy & Management


Pay per Click advertising is a means of marketing on the first page of search engine search results pages. You are billed back for each interested client that clicks to follow the link back to your website.

This service cannot be underestimated for its efficiency, specifically in an environment that is competition heavy. This is a great way to stand out.

This much like the SEO strategy must be carefully considered and strategised before launch. There are many factors that influence the where’s and how’s, which we are happy to share with you during discussions.

A good strategy includes expert selection of keywords, advertising messages, your target audience and a set budget to ensure its success.

You want to be visible, let us talk you through using PPC to get you there.


On average the top three paid ad spots get 41% of clicks


Marketers showed that 48% use PPC in their online campaigns

Google alone fields 100 billion search queries per month or 1.2 trillion per year


of PPC traffic is generated for search terms of high commercial intent; i.e. the intent of a search user to buy something online

Need help with your Google AdWords campaign

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